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RFP List

RFP List
RFP Title Project Reference Number Division Title Closing Date
1 MEP SERVICES BACKUP CONTRACT in Abu Dhabi Emirate Facilities Management 28/02/2018
2 P232-T/BPS/627/078/17 Construction of Animal Conservation Facility at Deleikha - Package 2 P232-T/BPS/627/078/17 Projects (Procurement) 25/02/2018
3 P361-T/BPS/1703/166/17 Design and Build of Court at Al Rahba, Abu Dhabi P361-T/BPS/1703/166/17 Projects (Procurement) 25/02/2018
4 Design and build of Labour Court at Mussafah, Abu Dhabi P360-T/BPS/1702/165/17 Projects (Procurement) 25/02/2018
5 Design and Build of Court at Madinet Zayed, Al Dhafra region P359-T/BPS/1701/164/17 Projects (Procurement) 04/03/2018
6 Upgrading of E15 Highway from Ghayathi To Ruwais - Phase 1 P363-T/BPS/35/001/18 Projects (Procurement) 25/02/2018
7 External Audit Services for Musanada General-T/IP/002/2018 Internal Procurement 28/02/2018
8 Commercialization of Musanada Services General-T/IP/006/2018 Internal Procurement 28/02/2018
9 Design and Supervision of Extension of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road E311 Package C P334-T/BPS/012/18 Projects (Procurement) 25/02/2018
10 Design Consultancy Services For Improvement of Roads & Intersections in Musaffah Industrial Area P364-T/BPS/43/004/18 Projects (Procurement) 27/02/2018
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