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RFP List

RFP List
RFP Title Project Reference Number Division Title Closing Date
1 P276-T/BPS/1212/135/17 Abu Dhabi Future School Program Phase 7 Package 3 P276-T/BPS/1212/135/17 Projects (Procurement) 17/12/2017
2 Design & Build Upgrade of Main Reservoirs and Irrigation Mains in Al-Quo’a- Al Ain Region P340-T/BPS/767/00102/17 Projects (Procurement) 17/12/2017
3 Construction, Completion and Maintenance of (410) Villas at Al Marfa P160-T/BPS/1432/151/17 Projects (Procurement) 24/12/2017
4 Construction of E11/EMF Interchange and Landside Roads P355-T/BPS/1553/156/17 Projects (Procurement) 17/12/2017
5 General-T/BPS/1165/129/17 Design and Build of shades for various schools in Emirate of Abu Dhabi General-T/BPS/1165/129/17 Projects (Procurement) 13/12/2017
6 Al-Ain Stadium Traffic Movement Improvement P315-T/BPS/1365/144/17 Projects (Procurement) 17/12/2017
7 Blanket Agreement for Refurbishment/Maintenance of Sports Amenities for ADGE’s T-FM-133-146-17 Facilities Management 17/12/2017
8 Construction of Tunnel in Sultan Bin Khalifa Roundabout at IP131 P352-T/BPS/1410/148/17 Projects (Procurement) 10/01/2018
9 P232-T/BPS/626/079/17 Supervision consultancy for Animal Conservation Facility at Deleikha - Package 2 P232-T/BPS/626/079/17 Projects (Procurement) 24/12/2017
10 IT Spares RFQ/IP/35/2017 Internal Procurement 12/12/2017
Total 12
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