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RFP List

RFP List
RFP Title RFP Status Project Reference Number Division Title Closing Date
1 P414-T/BPS/1070/098/18 Design and Supervision of Housing and Infrastructure for Three Emirati Neighborhoods – Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi Running P414-T/BPS/1070/098/18 Projects (Procurement) 30/09/2018
2 Supervision Services for Weigh-in-Motion Stations in Emirate of Abu Dhabi Running P417-T/BPS/1122/112/18 Projects (Procurement) 26/09/2018
3 P152-T/BPS/1291/125/18 Supervision for Design and Build of Extensions for 222 units at Marabaa AlDhafra Running P152-T/BPS/1291/125/18 Projects (Procurement) 30/09/2018
4 Construction of infrastructure works & Buildings of WiM Stations in Abu Dhabi - PART 1 Running P417/T/BPS/1169/116/18 Projects (Procurement) 30/09/2018
5 Construction of Headquarter of Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood Running P420-T/BPS/1195/120/18 Projects (Procurement) 30/09/2018
6 Construction of infrastructure works & Buildings of WiM Stations in Abu Dhabi - PART 2 Running P417/T/BPS/1169/116/18 Projects (Procurement) 30/09/2018
7 Supply & Installation of Intelligent Traffic Systems “ITS” Works for Weigh-in-Motion Stations ‘WIM” in Abu Dhabi Running P417/T/BPS/1170/117/18 Projects (Procurement) 30/09/2018
8 Benchmarking Salaries for Outsourced Employees Running General-T/IP/115/2018 Internal Procurement 26/09/2018
9 Design and Build of Upgrade of Seih Shuaib-Al Fayah Road (E75) to Dual Carriageway at E311 to E611 Running P424-T/BPS/1326/130/18 Projects (Procurement) 07/10/2018
10 Construction of Internal Roads & Infrastructure For 446 Plots at Al Sader Area Running P422-T/BPS/1278/123/18 Projects (Procurement) 04/10/2018
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